The neighbouring hilltop village of Castellet is a great place for an easy lunch and a wander through the narrow medieval streets and is unlike any village you might visit in the UK, with a touch of a Game of Thrones feel, all be it with gift shops set among the cobbled pathways.

While many of the shops are now a mecca for tourists, filled with gifts, from linens to food and ice cream shops (of course) the village still has its own unique charm.

The views alone over the surrounding vineyards and villages are worth the 10-minute drive from La Daby.

There are also plenty of places to eat. We were recommended to go to Le Pied du Nez, on the edge of the village, with incredible views.

The restaurant had a very non-touristy approach and was packed with locals – always a good sign. And though they were busy we managed to get a table on the terrace.

The service here is wonderful, lively and jovial with a team of very helpful staff who appreciated our attempts to speak French and then answered in English, with a smile. The chef even created a vegetarian dish for us, despite them not offering it on the menu.

Le Castellet is great place to visit for a slow, meandering afternoon, gazing on the many foods on offer, taking in the views and picking up a trinket in one of the high quality gift shops. Its winding, medieval paths offer lots of photo opportunities and will have you wondering what’s around the next corner.

The village is an easy drive, with plenty of car parking and is a great respite if you want time away from the poolside.