Near Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer there is the Golfe Des Lecques, which offers some of the best water sports of the area, from sailing, motor boating and water skiing to windsurfing and most popular these days is kitesurfing. For those with the proper experience and qualification equipment can be hired for all types of water sports, or you can just have some lessons with very experienced instructors, which can be a great day out.

The Societe Nautique offers lessons in all these sports, during the winter months the conditions are more challenging and are reserves for the more experience sports person, but the summer is a great time to try these sports out.


From autumn through to spring Les Lecques is the hot spot of all Kitesurfing in the area, people come from all across Europe to benefit from the favourable conditions that can be found at this beach.

The first Foil board World Cup was held in May 2012 at La Ciotat, this is one of the best places for this new and exciting water sport. This sport uses hydrodynamics with the power of sea, wind and man, it has to be seen to be understood. The area of the Golfe d’Amour, located between La Ciotat and Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer offers a wide range of wind conditions. Check out the following youtube video to see it in action.

Further information about various kitesurfing schools and kitesurfing locations can be obtained from the Association of Sea and Wind at This is in French but is translated well by google. Like anywhere else in the world it is generally worth approaching the association or a local kitesurfing school or shop to find out what the local regulations are and to find out any peculiarities about the local sites.


There is scuba diving for all levels around the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area, from Bandol you can take a boat over to the Island of Bendor, where there is a diving school that does trial dives for those who would like to give this sport a go. Some more information about some of the local sites is given below


This site offers 4 excellent places for divers to explore: Les Trois Fours, La Sèche d’Alon, L’île Rousse and Bendor. There are various caves, small slopes and rocks full of fauna and flora. These are not complicated dive sites and therefore recommended to divers of all levels.


In this local scuba divers can dive on steep slopes full of varied and colorful flora and fauna, and in wrecks, caves and boulders. These places are recommended for divers of all levels and also for photographers because of their underwater beauty.


On this site you can dive in 2 locations: La Pointe de la Crider and Port-Issol. The dives at this site consist of rock walls and small slopes full of varied and colourful flora and fauna. These are easy dives and also recommended for divers of all levels.


Porquerolles island, along with the Port-Cros Island and Levant Island, belong to the archipelago of Hyères Islands. Porquerolles Island is the largest of the three islands. Here divers will have the opportunity to choose from 12 diving sites that consist of several shipwrecks, slopes, canyons, caves and huge rocks. Due to the existence of a wide variety of diving sites, divers will have the opportunity to observe flora and fauna varied and colourful. It has diving sites for divers of all levels where they can practice different types of diving.


Skaphandrus scuba diving sites in France